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Namaste Reiki Infused Candle

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Namaste Reiki Infused Candle

Handcrafted Namaste Reiki Infused Candle with a quote on the candle.

“The light within you, reflects the light within me. My precious Soul honours your precious Soul”.

Namaste, pronounced ‘na-ma-stay’, is both a Hindi and a Nepali word. It is said in India and Nepal as a salutation, just as we would say “hello” or “goodbye” in the United Sates. The word Namaste is Sanskrit. The pre-Classical form of Sanskrit (known as Vedic Sanskrit) dates back to as early as 1500 BCE.

Namaste is typically said with the hands pressed together and held near the heart, with the head bowed. As we study this Sanskrit word more deeply, we discover that is holds many meanings. Some of these translations include:

  • “I honor the place in you which is of love, truth, light, and peace.”
  • “I bow to the divine in you.”
  • “I honor the sacredness and equality in us all.”

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