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Moonstone Jewellery

Tiger Turquoise bracelets set

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Elevate your energy and style with this meaningful crystal combination, thoughtfully curated to bring balance, positivity, and healing into your life. 

Natural Turquoise, Tiger Eye and Rhodochrosite crystals combo.

The Natural Turquoise provides a protective shield, Tiger Eye empowers with strength and focus, while Rhodochrosite nurtures emotional healing and self-love. Wear this crystal combo as a talisman for overall well-being and a reminder of the beauty and power found in the natural world.

Set of 3 bracelets:

  • Balos bracelet (with clasp)
  • Balance bracelet (elastic)
  • Tiger Eye bracelet (elastic)

Elastic bracelets made on elastics jewellery cord, easy to put on and take off. Natural crystals in size from 2mm to 3mm. Sterling silver or 24k gold plated sterling silver elements.