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Moonstone Jewellery

Pastel Morganite bracelet 4mm

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Morganite can bring light to your life, positive energy and help you commit and care for other people. The soothing energy of this gentle colours will help you calm your anger, resentment or any other negative feelings and help you bring new love and romance into your life. Gentle energy offered by this beautiful gemstone will bring joy, pleasure, compassion, and new friendships into your life. 

Wearing Morganite jewellery can help you with self-confidence, personal power, and help you connect to Divine Love boosting awareness. Positive energy released by this stone is great for new businesses and it is considered as great talisman stone for all persons working with money.

Elastic bracelet with natural Morganite, divided with sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver beads. 


Stones size is around 4mm.