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Moonstone Jewellery

Magenta Ruby ring

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Vibrant pink natural Ruby crystals divided by shiny beads (sterling silver or 24k gold plated silver).

Ruby is a stone of passion, protection, and prosperity, symbolizing the sun and imbued with an intense life force that wards off negativity and psychic attacks. 

Ruby is a perfect gem for those who are of a sensitive nature as it helps sustain, protect, and balance sensitivities. Ruby wants us to feel love in every way possible which means it will do all that it can to stir us up with a dash of confidence.

Ruby is a stone of good fortune and this means fortune of the body, mind, and soul. When it comes to physical healing, this gem can strengthen the heart, muscles, and ventricles. As the vibrant deep red hues suggest, it’s a bloodstone which means it can encourage everything from circulation to menstrual pain. It can also help with issues around sexuality, fertility, and everything to do with reproductive issues.

Ring made on elastic jewellery cord. Crystals size is 4x2mm.