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Moonstone Jewellery

Love Warrior necklace

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Natural shell heart pendant with sparkly rainbow hues on dainty Red Jasper beaded chain.

Red jasper is the gemstone of endurance, healing, and nurturing. It has been used since ancient times during intense battles as talismans for strength. In the modern context, red jasper is now used to fight personal battles by providing clarity and calm to all who seek it. 

Red jasper with its earthy terracotta hues is an excellent gift as it can be used by anyone in need of energizing and healing both physically and emotionally. With its deep connections to mother earth, red jasper is an amazing stone to keep close by for its grounding nature.

Known as the stone of endurance or the stone of stability, red jasper encourages strength and endurance during stressful times. 

Stones size is approx. 2mm. Each necklace have 4cm sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver extender chain.