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Moonstone Jewellery

Harmony - Tanzanite and Smoky Quartz bracelet

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Elevate your spiritual journey and surround yourself with the transformative energy of Tanzanite and the protective embrace of Smoky Quartz.

This extraordinary pairing brings together the ethereal allure of Tanzanite and the grounding elegance of Smoky Quartz, creating a harmonious synergy of energies.

Tanzanite, with its mesmerizing violet-blue hues, is a stone of transformation and spiritual awakening. Its radiant energy is complemented by the earthy warmth of Smoky Quartz, known for its grounding properties and protective qualities. Together, they form a dynamic duo that balances both the spiritual and earthly realms.

As you explore the intricacies of each crystal, you'll be captivated by Tanzanite's ability to enhance intuition and promote a sense of calm. Meanwhile, Smoky Quartz, with its gentle yet powerful energy, anchors you to the present moment and provides a shield against negativity.

Each bracelet have sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver beads and 3cm extender chain.