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Moonstone Jewellery

Garnet Mix bracelets set

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This crystal trio merges the protective qualities of Natural Black Spinel with the passionate energies of Red Garnet and the creative spark of Orange Garnet. Together, they create a dynamic force that not only shields against negativity but also invigorates your spirit with the fiery essence of passion and creativity.

Adorn yourself with this crystal combo as a symbol of empowerment, protection, and passion. Let the Natural Black Spinel, Red Garnet, and Orange Garnet crystals guide you on a journey of strength, love, and creative expression.

Set of 3 elastic bracelets:

  • Garnet
  • Merida 
  • Marcy

Elastic bracelets made on elastics jewellery cord, easy to put on and take off. Natural crystals in size from 2mm to 4mm. Sterling silver or 24k gold plated sterling silver beads.