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Moonstone Jewellery

Full Moon - Sunstone bracelet for joy and luck

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Fiery and bright Sunstone is carrying the energy of the Sun, which can help you bask in the warmth of deep healing.

It encourages emotional intelligence, self-worth, confidence, and the clarity we need to communicate our wants and desires with the world.

Sunstone is said to be a stone of leadership and finding your personal power. It has the ability to bring balance to your feminine and masculine energies and bring about freedom and growth in consciousness to those who use it.

Sunstone crystals are said to create a pathway to the heart, expanding it and filling your being with joy. Restoring happiness and fulfilment within your being and bringing about a sense of pleasure in your life.

Emotionally, Sunstone acts as antidepressants and lifts dark moods. Encouraging optimism and enthusiasm, Sunstone switches to a positive take on events.

Elastic bracelet is easy to put in and take off. Great to wear alone or stack with other bracelets. 

Crystal size is approx 6mm. One sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver bead.