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Moonstone Jewellery

Dune necklace

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Dune necklace with energetic combination of two powerful gemstones: Tiger eye and Rhodochrosite. This combination invites balance, courage, and a deep connection to both your emotions and your inner strength.

Rhodochrosite: This delicate pink gemstone is known as the 'Stone of Love.' It resonates with the heart chakra, inviting love, compassion, and emotional healing into your life. Rhodochrosite encourages self-love and helps release past wounds, promoting a sense of inner peace and joy.

Tiger Eye: Radiating strength and stability, Tiger Eye is a grounding stone that embodies the energy of the tiger. Its golden-brown hues symbolize protection and resilience. Tiger Eye encourages focus, determination, and a steady flow of positive energy, making it a powerful ally in times of change and challenge.

Stones size is approx. 3mm. Each necklace have 4cm extender chain.