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Moonstone Jewellery

Doli Ring

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Doli ring with blue Sodalite an pink Rhodonite crystals. 

Rhodonite is often used to promote self-love and self-acceptance, while Sodalite can help to boost self-esteem and confidence. When used together, they can help to cultivate a positive self-image and promote self-love. 

Sodalite is a stone that is often associated with communication and self-expression, while Rhodonite is known to help with forgiveness and understanding. When used together, they can help to improve communication and promote empathy and understanding. 

Sodalite is also known for its ability to enhance intuition and inner wisdom, while Rhodonite can help to strengthen one's intuition and psychic abilities. Together, they can help to deepen spiritual awareness and enhance intuition. 

Ring made on elastic jewellery cord with natural crystals and sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver beads.