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Moonstone Jewellery

Blue Kyanite bracelet

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Kyanite derives its name from the Greek word "kyanos," meaning blue. Its striking blue colour symbolises communication, self-expression, and spiritual awareness.

Kyanite is associated with enhancing communication skills, making it a valuable stone for public speakers, performers, and anyone looking to express themselves more effectively.

Kyanite is thought to balance the energy centers in the body. It is often used in energy healing practices to bring harmony to the entire being, aligning the chakras and promoting a balanced flow of energy.

This crystal is believed to aid in emotional healing by calming and soothing the mind. It may help release stress, anxiety, and emotional blockages, allowing for a more tranquil and centered state of being.

Crystals size is approx 4x2mm. Each bracelet have sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver beads and 3cm extender chain.