Stay Grounded

When I speak of grounding yourself I do not mean you run outside and face plant into your rose garden.
Yes it is true, being in nature is the most effective way to root yourself for the day ahead but, it is not the only way.

Why do I need to be grounded?

In today’s society we are constantly moving, even when our bodies are still our minds are running marathons.

We become obsessed with plans for tomorrow and our regrets of yesterday. Our mind floats away from our body and we are unable to deal with the issues that are happening in the now.

We literally bury our heads in the sand. Todays problems become yesterdays regrets and so the cycle continues.

To be grounded means that your energies are firmly planted in your body and not distracted with the mind marathon.

You are secure, you are able to confront any issues head on, you have control over your life.

Spiritually grounding yourself can help in connecting you to higher spiritual frequencies.

When grounded your energies are tethered to your body. This allows you to venture further into discovery whilst you are safely connected to your earthly body.

How do I ground myself?

There are a number of easy ways to ground yourself, listed below are a few of my own methods.

  • Movement

When your mind starts running that dreaded marathon move your body!

Yoga, brisk walk, running, anything! It will force your mind to being in the now instead of zoning out. Get your blood pumping, air into your lungs and be present.

  • Mother Nature

Nature is our sanctuary, our refuge, our escape from the constant noise and distractions of modern living. She opens her arms and welcomes all of us into her bosom.

The simplest things in nature will stop you in your tracks to enjoy the moments.

Watching trees blow in the wind. The therapeutic movement of ocean waves as they break on the rocks. The sound of water as it trickles down a pebbled stream (at this point I really could go on, but I won’t).

Find a place to sit down, close your eyes and feel yourself rooting into the Earth, becoming one with this great planet.

Settle your breathing and listen…….hear peaceful sounds that you miss when you are too busy to notice.

Open your eyes…….see the things that you have become blind to because you are always distracted.

Be present, at this moment there really is no better place to be.

  • In your seat

As wonderful as it is to do the above it may not be practical for you.

Let me create a scenario.

You are at your office desk and the phone is ringing for the tenth time in an hour.
Your deadline is jumping up and down at your desk demanding your attention. You had no time to eat the gorgeous healthy lunch that you lovingly prepared for yourself last night. And to top it off your computer just froze!


Breath, find a silent rhythm in your breathe.

Imagine that your feet are sinking through the floor reaching further and further down until you connect to the Earth.
Her healing energies will feel your touch and return a grounding strength back into you, continue to breathe and receive.

You are safe, you are secure, you are grounded and you are present.

Now, eat your lunch and face this day head on.

  • Meditation

Meditation is wonderful for so many reasons.

* Happiness increases, anxiety decreases.

* Emotional stability improves.

* Problems become smaller and solutions may come easier.

* Peace of mind.

Meditation makes you more aware and brings with it an inner happiness and peace.

To ground yourself find a comfortable position, light incense or candles, whatever will help relax you.

Close your eyes and breath deep, find the rhythm once more to your breathe.

Imagine your feet are reaching down through to the Earth.
They are now roots of a tree, reaching further and deeper until they finally reach the core.

You will be energetically grounded from here, feel anchored and secure, knowing that you are one with this great planet.

These are just a small selection of ways to ground yourself. We all have our own methods that work for us, do what works for you and stay grounded.

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