Also known as Mangano Calcite, Pink Calcite is a stone of peace and well-being.  It is a great aid for helping with the connection of the mind to the heart.

The heart connects all our energies, from the upper chakras to the lower and the body to the mind. It works at an incredible rate and is constantly in fluctuation.

It is our heart that determines the over all well being of the rest of the body, mind and spirit.

Pink Calcite will assist in balancing the energies of the heart. Once this is in balance the rest of the body will begin to balance also.

As a stone of peace it is wonderful to have in the home. It’s energies promote calmness, relaxation and an overall sense of well being and love.

Those that are suffering grief or trauma from this life or a past life will benefit greatly when working with Pink Calcite. It will clear any emotional blockages and help connect the heart to Divine love.

It promotes empathy and will assist in a persons ability to connect with the feelings of others. Making this a powerful stone for light workers when used in healing or distant healing.

Mangano Calcite holds a feminine energy and will assist in calling female guides and Angels to you.

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