A meteor shower will peak overnight tonight across the skies of Ireland – Aug 11 and into the morning of Aug 12 2016.

The best time to view is between 10pm on the 11th and through to 3am on the 12th.

It will bring one of the largest shooting star events that has been seen in a number of years.

Over Ireland it can be viewed from all counties, due to the pure size of this magnificent celestial event.

It is predicted that there will be over 200 meteors per hour burning across the night sky.

Tonight’s event is called a Perseid meteor shower and according to NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke, the Perseids are perhaps the most popular meteor shower of the year. They will be in “outburst” in 2016, which means they’ll appear at double the usual rates.

I think it is certinly a night to sit out under the stars and view this astounding event that the universe has to show us.

Enjoy it!

Love Sue xxx

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