What makes your heart soar?

I know straight away people will call out their children’s names in their minds. Their partner’s, their parents, their friends, their family even their pets.

But what if I asked what really makes your heart soar? Becoming lost in a moment that feels like a lifetime.

You take a breath and you feel it rush into your throat. Filling your lungs with life giving energy and in that moment you breathe, really breathe.

You are alive, the world around you is alive.

You can see those little things that you missed before. You stop and stare, realising that in this moment, life truly is a miracle.

When did you last stop to witness all the miracles that happen around us on a daily basis.

The flower that blooms which only days before was a mere bud. Its vibrant petals reaching for the sun, tracking it across the sky so as to gain warmth.

The butterflies that flit between these flowers that once were caterpillars.

The birds that fly high into the sky on the gusts of wind that were once fragile eggs.

We all are miracles. We all play an intricate part on this Earth, no matter how big or small, our presence here is vital.

Our journey is shaded by the great Tree of Life. When we realise which direction we go the sun will rise and illuminate our own unique paths.

Shed your destructive ego, your jealousy and envy of the paths that others walk. When you have shed these thoughts you will then watch the sun rise and guide you to walk your own path..

This is when you will take your breath and truly breathe the miracle of life.

This is when your heart will soar and in that moment your lifetime will begin.

So take your breath, enjoy your life journey and let you heart soar.

Love Sue x

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