August 18th 2016 there will be a lunar eclipse configuration in ‘Yod’.

What is ‘Yod’?

‘Yod’ is beginning of the name of God.

It means ‘Hand of God’ or ‘God’s Finger’. This full moon eclipse is all about spiritual evolution and it is a chance for you to attune with the Divine.

Your Crystals

I would usually cleanse my crystals before charging and programming them under a lunar eclipse. To charge your crystals you should take the time to fill them with your intentions.

Place them in a safe place, windowsill, garden table or somewhere you judge as being best. You can also leave them sitting inside your window, this way works best for valuable jewellery that you don’t want to leave outside.

You should ideally leave them out overnight but do try to bring them in before sunlight, some crystals can loose their colour from the sun, it will not affect their vibrations but it can be upsetting if your beloved crystals lose their vibrant lustre.

It is important to remember that after you have charged your crystals that you give them time to renew their abilities of focusing and expanding energies and vibrations.

Thats it! Pretty straight forward.

Effects of a Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipses are powerful catalysts for change and they can create powerful and unpredictable energy. Some people can act slightly out of sorts in and around the time of a lunar eclipse, our emotions are heightened, and there is often some sort of drama involved.

This Eclipse will give us a cosmic push to make needed changes in our lives and assist us in moving forward.

Lot’s of meditation under this moon will help with our Karmic mission and help with our own connection to our soul.

So get yourself and your beloved Mother Earth’s gems outside tomorrow night, meditate under this magnificent Lunar event and enjoy.

Love Sue xxx

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