I have tried and tested many ways to meditate and would like to share with you one particular method that I absolutely love, “Becoming Part of the Grid”.

When you grid with crystals you place them in sacred geometric patterns, using a focus stone in the centre so as to amplify the properties.

My own method is exactly this but, I place myself in the centre holding the focus stone whilst surrounded by other crystals.

Let me explain how I do this.

I always cleanse the area that I plan to meditate in and the crystals that I use. My preferred method for this is to smudge with sage.

I find the action of smudging in itself very peaceful and tranquil, it also helps to prepare me for my meditation practice.

I use a set of Smoky Quartz pointer crystals and set them in a circle. The easiest way to judge the size of your circle is to place your pillow (or seat) on the ground. Form the circle with your crystals  roughly two or two and a half feet away from here.

I use singing Quartz pieces and with these I then form geometric swirls around the pointers until they come to the centre. You can add flowers, petals, feathers, wood or what ever you feel is needed to form your grid.

Take your seat in the centre and hold a crystal of your choosing. This can be for any purpose, be it for protection, love, Angelic connection, peace etc. Light your candles, play you music and burn your incense during this time.

Why not take your meditation outside under a new moon or full moon?

Trust your intuition when forming a grid, there is no wrong way when you do this for yourself.

Take the time to travel inward to discover yourself and outward to view the universe.

Raise your vibrations and you will raise the vibrations of the entire universe. As is said “your vibe attracts your tribe”.

Love Sue x13239099_1027469734013608_8174705161810772898_n

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